June 29, 2016

When Kisry falls Jerusalem rises (Megilla 6)

It's either or......If one rises the other falls. Kisry is the foundation of Rome, where they make the kings- Kisry= kayzar, and I showed you in Mar 24, 2011 that Rome never died out completely, and the west is built on the foundation of Rome. 

America is the foundation of the west, and America is now in steep decline. When all the army is interested in is women and transgenders you know that it won't be long before there will be nothing left, and the enemies of the west know this. If you listen to the talk shows you see that everything is crumbling. All this means that Jerusalem is going up- up. 
Megilla 6 also says that we will use the stadiums to teach Torah in public, like the Metlife stadium.