July 11, 2016

Don't jump (To conclutions) so fast

The Rema in Ev He 25 brings down the exact words of the Rambam, that you can kiss your wife any limb that you feel like. Comes the Bais Shmuel and says that this is not exactly true, because in "that place" it is forbidden, like we see in the Talmud (And the Raayved and Tur). The truth is that the Talmud in Nedarim 20b ends up saying just the opposite - that you can do whatever you want with your wife. The only thing is that the Raayved says this only applies to anal sex, but the other 3 are still forbidden. 

It seems that the Bais Shmuel does not think the Rambam is arguing on the Raayved, but I showed you already from all the other Poskim that the Rambam does in fact let you look and kiss "that place", and we know that 90% of Yeshiveshe Raid is based on "squeezing every word of the Rambam, and the Rambam does in fact say you can kiss "any limb you want", and the Rema brings the words of the Rambam word for word. And if the Rambam held like the Raayved he definitely would have explained himself "but not in that place". 

What all this means is that since today there is so much sex in the air, and so many people are having forbidden sex, if you had any brains in your head, you would stop with all this fruma garbage and enjoy yourself with your wife. And we all know what happens with the holy moly's who stay away from the wife. Listen to Nachum Rosenberg. 

When we were close to G-d was the sex great or was it lousy? See Feb 12, 2012.