June 23, 2016

Self molestation

Tell me- were you ever molested? 
By whom?
By me.

The symptoms are exactly the same. You feel like "damaged goods", like Mike Savage says, and you're a big "nebech". And so- you're not really interested in making a big effort to pull through life, and you really don't care so much. You know- "what do I need this for? I'm an outcast anyway!" 

So what am I talking about? I'm talking about the terrible guilt of masturbation which robs and eats up your life, and leaves you a cripple, unless of course you get help. The problem is of course that in our circles nobody ever ever talks about this subject, and they make believe it doesn't exist- like the freezer boys are G-d's gift to the world, and nothing will happen if you "tippuch" just another few months. 

After all, the main thing is that you should have good Torah to say by your Sheva Brachos, because if you don't say Torah you're a looser. Never mind that I showed you many times that according to the Talmud if you can't be without a wife you must get married first no matter what, and then worry about learning. The hell with the Sheva Brachos Torah! Maybe we'll get a 5 minute rest from all the speeches. 

The truth is that a hot penis should be good for Shalom Bayis. Somebody should tell these guys "don't feel so bad because with a hot penis you will love your wife a lot, and you will not have those rotten marriages where they only got married so the whole world should say "wow- what a shidduch!!" Yeah! Tell me about it. What a shidduch. Then the rest of your life you suffer. I don't know what happened to us that being in love with your wife is pushed to the back of the bus, and the main thing is fffffrrrrruuuuuummmmmkkkkiiiitttttttee.

You wanna talk frumkite? Let's talk frumkite. In the holiest part of the temple the sticks of the Aron poked into the curtain, and it looked like the breasts of a woman (Talmud), and the wallpaper engravings was a man hugging his wife. And when the goyim destroyed the temple they couldn't believe that in the holy of holies they had such engravings. 

The Aron and Cruvim were already hidden before the destruction of the first temple, and they were not there by the second temple, so the only thing the goyim saw was the engravings. (See Jan 31, 2013)