January 8, 2015

Rabbi Frand part 2

I told my brother the story of Reb Yakov, so he said "why is this Moshiach more important then the other Moshiach?" In other words, if the baby in the stomach can be Moshiach why can't the man also be Moshiach? Why should a pregnant woman go before a man, Kal Vechomer before Moetzes? 

We know that Moshe Rabainu did not know he was Moshiach until the last minute, and even then he did not want to do it until G-d got furious. And we know that the same thing will be with today's Moshiach- he will not know until the last minute. 

The bottom line is- you better respect me, I might be the Moshiach. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!