January 9, 2015

If college is full of oral sex how are you going to "Olam Haba?"

Because I'll make big money and I'll support kollel guys. 
But if you support kollel guys you're a loser! 

Why am I a loser?
Because right now is 'open season' against kollel guys. They're called "chicken stealers".
Why do they steal chickens? In order to have sex with them?
No, you idiot!! You have a one track mind. They steal chickens because they don't have money.
Is that the worst thing in the world? 
No, the worst thing in the world is the Modern Orthodox "shoyteh" who sends his daughter to college for 60,000 dollars, and within a week she is 'shtupping around'. 
True story?
I saw it in the Jewish Press a few years ago.
(See Jun 4b, 2013)