November 16, 2014

The Rabbonim did not really mean it

There is no such thing in the Torah that you're allowed to 'police' a boy when to get married. This is more like Greece, Rome, and Nazi Germany, where they controlled the mitzvos. I already showed you in Aug 5, 2011 that Reb Chaim Kaniyevsky had a grandson who got engaged at 18, and the Yeshiva wanted to kick him out. And Reb Chaim said that "any Yeshiva that kicks out a boy for getting engaged should be put in chayrim". I think Lakewood has kicked out boys.

The reason why the Rabbonim made this thing with 4 year Bais Medrash is because you have to take whatever you can get, and if this is the way to get rid of the freezer so be it. 

The big excuse of BMG was "we're not stopping you from getting married- you can always go to a different Yeshiva." There are two answers to this. First of all, they don't want you to go to a different Yeshiva because it takes away the PELL grants (See Oct 27, 2014). And second of all, this is the same thing as saying "in this Yeshiva we do not blow Shofer, but you can always go to a different Yeshiva." Yeah right! How about Sloatsburg?  (See Apr 29, May 5, 2013)