November 20, 2014

"If only I had someone to talk to".......

Ron Kuby said the other day that many people who are straight- when they go to prison they do gay stuff, BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO ACCESS TO GIRLS, and when they get out of prison they go back to normal.

This reminds me of rabbi Alter Halpern (Of London) who was counseling a Choson, and the Choson was worried that he was gay, and he had no desire for girls. So rabbi Halpern asked him to describe what kind of boys he thought about, and he said "this and this". So rabbi Halpern told him, "you're really describing girls, but you never had access to girls, and the sex drive is out of control (A lot thanks to movies and magazines)(And no "bread in the basket"), so you thought about boys." 

Before you start jumping- you should know that places like Deal, where the girls and boys are mixed- they also have gay problems, because when you are bombarded with sex day and night (By the media) you have so much sex drive that it "overflows" from the normal to the abnormal (I think I have said this before from the Ramban).

P.S. This post is just a joke. When we put you in the freezer everything get's frozen (Including your Tippuch). Even if you're Tippuching 3 years.