September 15, 2014

They're doing it in all the movies, and the wives are going crazy

Nobody is telling you to do it, but the question is, are you allowed to do it? It is well known that 90 percent of Yeshivishe Raid is based on analyzing and 'squeezing' every word of the Rambam. And so you have the Bach, the Gra, and the Bais Yosef, in Ev He 25, and the Lechem Mishna in Dayos Perek 5, end of 4, telling you that the Rambam let's you kiss her in "that place", and the Rayved says no. 

It seems that the Bais Shmuel and the Gra hold like the Rayved. The Rema however brings the words of the Rambam word for word, that he may kiss "any" limb, and some Rambams even say "any limb and limb".

And if you ask "why didn't the Rema say anything in 240?" the answer may be because like I showed you before - the Tur O Ch 240 is telling you the Rayved's position, while the Tur Ev He 25 is telling you the Rambam's position, so why should the Rema bother to quote the Rambam by the Rayved's position, if he can do it in Ev He 25? (See Aug 14, 2014)