September 18, 2014

Addendum to Aug 14, 2014

There are 3 things in Nedarim 20. One is that if you stare at "that place" of (Other) women you will have bad kids, and Rav Yosef says "even your wife a needa" (Also). Then you have the 4 things that are forbidden, and one of them is staring at "that place" (Of your wife) your kids will be blind. And then you have that this is not true, and you're allowed to do whatever you want with your wife. The question is does this knock out all 4, or only anal sex, but the other 3 are still forbidden. So the Rambam says all 4, and the Rayved says only anal sex.

So we asked "what does the Rayved do with Rav Yosef? And we answered from the Gra that Rav Yosef will only go on 'bad kids'. In other words, if she's not a needa you will not have bad kids, but it's still forbidden. The problem is that if it's forbidden then you have to say that he will have 'blind' kids, because that's what the Talmud says, so are you telling me that he will not have 'bad kids' but he will have 'blind kids'? Does that make any sense? CHECK MATE!!

And don't tell me that once the Talmud already says that it's not actual angels then "blind kids" does not really apply, because even if it's  only the rabbis, the rabbis are saying it from the prospective of Torah, and if looking is forbidden then the kids get blind, and if not, not. Just like Rav Yosef; Rav Yosef also did not say it from the prospective of angels.