September 9, 2014

Questions for the Orthoprax

Why does a blood test have to come out good? Who decided that there has to be a normal range? How did Darwin make that everybody should have the same number range in a hundred different sections of the blood test? So you might say, "wait a minute! Many people are 'taake' out of range." But this is not an answer, because the 'exception' does not negate the 'rule', and the rule is that all "healthy" people are in the same range in a hundred different categories. And just because a sick person is out of range this does not prove that the world is 'random', without any order. It only proves that G-d made people sick for whatever reason. 

I hate to do this but here is another one. How did Darwin make your 'crack' exactly in the middle? Did you ever see a person with a side crack? 

Here is another one from Mike Savage: why in the world should I eat healthy and brush my teeth, and stay away from fat, and go to the gym, and on and on and on, if very soon I'm going to drop dead and disappear from the face of the earth? (He doesn't really have an answer)

I add even more. Why are the Orthoprax busy all day long commenting on the blogs about moral issues? Are you out of your mind? You're soon going to disappear and you have nothing better to do with your life? Go to Cancun and rape some pretty girls!