August 17, 2014

Why the Gerer wives are furious

The Gerer wives are furious because they only get told one side of the story; the side of Rabbe Eliezer (Nedarim 20 a/b) who minimizes the pleasure of sex, and is talked about in the first Tosfos of Needa 17 (See Marsha) and in Orach Chayim 240. It seems that the Marsha himself also lived like this, like I showed you in Dec 4, 2012.

The problem is that the Talmud generally does not agree with Rabbe Eliezer. First of all, the poskim talk about option #2 which is to play with your wife so she should come first, and then you have a boy (If he comes first you have a girl). And besides that you have what I showed you in July 31, 2011, that they were naked. And he played with her breasts and "down there" like it says in Shabbos 140b. 

And then you have the fact that the pleasure of sex went down the drain after the destruction of the temple (See Feb 12, 2012). But according to Rabbe Eliezer it should have been just the opposite - less pleasure when we were close to G-d.

The bottom line is that today's days which is soaked in sex - if you come home and act like Rabbe Eliezer you're a first class dufus, and your wife gets nothing out of it. And then when she's not looking you go to the go-go bar.