August 17, 2014

Go to your own bed and cry, and I couldn't care less

It used to be that they would sleep together naked in the same bed, (Look at Brachos 24a, and Shabbos 13a) (See also Orach Chayim 241, that he can't go outside at night to take a leak because he's naked, and it's too hard to get dressed (Rashi, Shabbos 62b). And if the wife is a bed wetter and you can't sleep in the same bed as her it's a big problem, like I showed you in July 31, 2011. So if you had a fight you had to make up before you went to sleep. But now that they don't sleep together they can afford to hate each other forever. (See Mar 31, 2014)

And today, thanks to feminism and the seminaries the girls look down at their husbands and they act like a mother rather then a wife, like "today you're going to eat low fat, low sugar, low salt, low gluten, low trans fat, low HFCSyrup, and on, and on, and on. Yeah yeah, just eat Splenda: tons of Splenda: until you die from a formaldehyde explosion in your belly. And then she wants you to cuddle her in bed. Are you crazy? After treating me like this you want love and affection? And anyway, my mouth smells like formaldehyde so you know....... 

I already gave up on eating real cheese cake until Moshiach comes because of this cursed Splenda.