August 28, 2014

If Rechnitz really wants to help out the girls he should do what Rabbi Yeshmael did (Nedarim 66)

A guy made a neder not to marry a certain girl (Who was ugly) so Rabbi Yeshmael made her pretty (She needed dental work). Then Rabbi Yeshmael asked the boy "did you mean this girl?" So he said "no". So Rabbi Yeshmael was 'matir' the neder.

Any girl who needs dental work, or a diet, or needs to cut out a mole should send the bill to Rechnitz. I don't know if they don't get rid of moles because of poverty, or because they're sick in the head, and they believe "he should love me as I am." These girls never get married (See Aug 10, 2014). I myself cut out a mole on my arm using a cuticle nipper, and now there is nothing there.