August 29, 2014

The dirty truth - why Rabbi Yossi Rosenberg is dead wrong

This blog is not a 'family paper' like the Yated. Over here we say it like it is. I wrote many posts against the 'freezer' and the 'freezer attitude' and I don't have the strength to say everything over and over and over again, so feel free to look at my freezer posts, starting Nov 21, 2013, and Apr 16, 2012. 

"Because they were soaked in sex (The people of the flood) G-d gave them a lot of girls" (Medrish Rabba 26,4) So what do they do? They make a freezer and leave the girls hanging. Very nice! The Bais Yosef (E.H. end of 66) and the poskim (E.H. 2) already talk about the boys who sin with themselves  and LEAVE THE GIRLS HANGING all because they're waiting for big money. I guess the Bais Yosef also had "problems". (From Aug 5, 2011)

Here is a freezer/shidduch list.
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Nov 21, Aug 12b, 6, Jul 19b, Jun 15, May 5, Apr 29, 2013
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Dec 9, Aug 5, 2011

Rav Chisda told Rav Huna (Kiddushin 29b) that Rav Hamnuna is great in leaning. So Rav Huna said "when he comes around bring him to me." So when he came around Rav Huna asked him "why aren't you wearing a talis? So he said "because I'm not married." So Rav Huna turned his head away from him (You don't look at a bad person) and he said "don't come back till you get married." Rav Huna holds that if a boy hits 20 and he's not married all his days are full of sin (znus). So the Talmud asks "you mean real sin?" So it answers "no, he means "thinking of sin." Rashi explains in the beginning of Yoma 29 that it means "thinking of having (forbidden) sex.

Anyway, the Chazon Ish says that you see from here that once you hit 20 it's already called "you can't be without a wife", and in that case you must get married first no matter what", and you can't push it off for learning. But the Chazon Ish knows that the poskim don't agree with him. I already showed you that Rashi and Tosfos let you learn first if you have to, even though the learning will not be pure. And we see from Sukka 26 that it's normal for a bochur to have bad thoughts and kerry. Maybe Rav Huna holds that after 20 the sex thoughts become much worse.

Anyway, this is all in relation to sex thoughts (Which BTW is an issur deoraysa - Tosfos, Avoda Zara 20b) but what happens if the guy plays with himself? Then you certainly say that this is called "you can't be without a wife", and he must get married first no matter what. And even Reb Moshe who let's you spill your seed for medical reasons - he never let's you do it by hand, because this is called "neeuf with the hand" (Needa 13b). You must use your wife or Talmudic tricks.

So let's see, what would happen if Rav Huna and the Chazon Ish were alive today, and they would see the boys looking at movies, magazines, and Internet, and then they masturbate. Would they fall for this garbage that you should push off marriage for Torah? And why is a rich boy pushing off marriage? What's the matter? He can't afford to learn after marriage? 

So there are many boys who are "kratzing around" who should really not be "kratzing around", and the girls are sitting and rotting. So you ask "what's gonna be with Torah?" Don't worry, "there is a G-d", and he will take care of his Torah.