April 14, 2014

I don't believe that 911 ever happened and I don't believe that man ever went up to the moon

I'm using the same exact logic as the Apikorsim on the Internet. Who said? Who said? Who said? Just because someone was there doesn't mean anything; maybe he made the whole thing up. There is zero proof that man went to the moon. Maybe the whole thing was just a big fat movie. We know that science if full of fakers from top to bottom, like they refuse to admit that there is a big ship sitting on top of Mt. Ararat, even though the CIA, the KGB, and the Mossad all took pictures of this. (I talk plenty about this) But the MO who went to college worship science and evolution as if it was given at Mt Sinai. 

Talking about Mt Sinai, it's not enough that G-d personally came down to this world to talk to us, and we died and we were shot back 12 mil every time he talked to us (2 times), and it's not enough that we were all there (Our souls) or our parents transmitted the story to us year after year on Passover night (See May 20, 2013) all this is not enough, but they say bring proof!! bring proof!! YOU DON'T NEED ANY PROOF!! YOU BRING PROOF THAT 911 HAPPENED!! YOU BRING PROOF THAT THE BUILDINGS DIDN'T FALL IN BY ITSELF!! I DON'T BELIEVE THE PEOPLE THAT SAY THEY WERE THERE AND I DON'T BELIEVE THE VIDEO'S. 

I have a feeling that the Modern Orthodox community had a massive failure to properly transmit the oral tradition to their kids on Passover night. I think they were too busy talking about the Yankees and the Mets. (See Oct 15, 2012)