April 25, 2014

As usual, everything is in the Torah

Since the Torah is the blueprint of the world, The Torah must talk about everything (Even cool Hollywood stuff). You just have to find it. Like in addition to playing with your "thing" with your hand or foot you shouldn't play with your breast as if it's the breast of a woman, and masturbate. It all goes under "having sex with the limbs" which spills the seed (Rav Yakov Emdin on Needa 13b). 

And if you have (gay) sex with the limbs of a boy (No anal penetration) the most you have is 'spilling of the seed', but it's not called sex, and he's not called a Rodef (Needa ibid). (See May 9, 2013)

By the way, when it says in the Mishnah that gays get stoned to death it says "if you have sex with the zechur (Of a man) which means "the anus of a man" (Anal penetration) like I showed you in Jun 28, 2011. And when it says that he's called a Rodef (Sanhedrin p8, m7) it also says 'Zechur'. However, in the Talmud the Mishnah says 'zachar', but it's probably a mistake. Either way, it doesn't really matter; you need anal penetration.