May 1, 2014

What do Kosher tours and Lakewood Freezer have in common?

Answer: they both don't tell you about the dirty movies. The hotel of course has dirty movies (Good for Shalom Bayis), and the Lakewood freezer; what am I saying! What am I saying! Chas Veshalom! The Lakewood boys would never look at dirty movies on the Internet. Are you crazy? They are so cold that when they get married they have to pump for half an hour. There must be something wrong with the Torah that it screams to get married by 18, 20. What is this rush? And why if you play with yourself must you get married immediately? 

Doesn't the Torah know that there's something called "Tayra Tayra" that goes before everything? Doesn't the Torah know that before the war they even wrote Torah on Shabbos because of Tayra Tayra? Doesn't the Torah know that the Lakewood Freezer boys are so holy that when they ask for a speedboat and a Ferrari by the shidduch date they are mamush very embarrassed?  (See Nov 21, 2013)