April 9, 2014

Baloney on Rye

Take an Artscroll and look up the 10 curses that the woman got (Eruvin 100b). Not one mention that the man can get a spiritual 'high' more then the  woman: not one mention!! So this whole "spiritual inequality" business is feminist BS. Woman were made different then men and that's the end of the story.

Some curses like "she is locked in the hose" or "she does not ask for sex openly but only 'hints' to her husband" are actually good traits for a woman, even though it's also a curse. In other words, it really did not have to be this way, but now this is the way it is. This should not be confused with some other curses which some hold is not a curse at all, like "him on top and her on bottom". "Whats so bad if she's on bottom and she does less work?"

Today many modern women will laugh at all these curses, but the joke's on you. Your life is as rotten as ever. 50% of America is busy falling in love, while the other 50% is busy braking up, and the woman suffers the most because she craves a lasting relationship while the men are not interested in committing themselves. When you go to Wall Mart in your underwear, and your boyfriend sees your fat 'pulkes' how are you going to compare to the beautiful airbrushed women in the Internet and magazines with the 500 dollar makeup jobs and the picture stretching?

Yes, this is one of the curses; that before the husband goes away on a trip she craves to be with him, and that's why you're supposed to make her happy in bed before you go away.