April 8, 2014

So now the BT housewives are complaining

First of all, this has nothing to do with BT's. Many girls complain that in seminary they were so high spiritually; learning Rambans and Eban Ezras (When they warn't making out in bed), and now after marriage all they do is cook and diaper the babies. I know such people and it's not so simple. There is such a thing as a jealous complaining wife who is never happy, even if the husband helps her cook for Shabbos. She is basically jealous of her husbands success, or her sisters success, and all she does is project misery in the marriage all day long. 

I already showed you in Oct 28, and Nov 27, 2010 that no pretty girl in Hollywood ever complained to G-d why he made her a woman. So you see that this has nothing to do with 'man v's woman', but rather 'successful pretty woman v's unsuccessful (Even pretty) woman'. Before you start screaming, I'm not saying that the man is never a jerk, but right now we're talking about the woman. 

Another thing is that being busy with the kids and the kitchen is very good for the woman, because women who "talk to G-d" all day in Shull tend to have enough time to fall in love with other men, since women are "flighty" (Light headed), and if you look at Eruvin 100b one of the curses is that she is locked indoors- but this is very good for the woman (See Nov 27, 2010). Unfortunately today with all the social media you don't have to talk to G-d all day to fall in love with other men, and you don't have to sit and 'Yenta' with your friends to find out that your friends husband makes her happy in bed. "OMG!! Are you serious?"