October 23, 2013

"Who said it's because of gay marriage? Prove it!"

First of all, what difference does it make? If I told America that G-d is destroying America because of gay marriage, would America be willing to give up gay marriage in order to test G-d? (That maybe G-d will have mercy on America and kill Obama care)  The answer is no. America threw away G-d a long time ago. So who cares! America kicked G-d in the face, and G-d kicked America in the face. Why do you need proof? Just go back to your porn, and wait till the black boots come.

The plan is to make everybody miserable, and then the hatred comes out. Black against white, white against Jew, pro-gov against anti-gov, etc. And once you have heavy fighting in the streets, you can declare martial law, and roll out the tanks. And once the tanks come out the black boots will smash into everyone's home and take the guns away. And once we don't have guns (And ammo) the ballgame is over.

I showed you before that G-d promised never to flood the earth again, but he can still flood (Wipe out) a country, which he has done many times (See Jun 26, 2013: Jun 28, 2011). We know from the Talmud that since the flood, the nations of the world did not have the "chuuuuuuuuutzpa" to make gay marriage contracts. Yes, they were gay, but they did not make contracts. But now we hit rock bottom and G-d is just a joke. So G-d sent Obama.