October 28, 2013

What difference does it make?

So Alan Dershowitz and mike Savage have a problem with G-d killing out gays. Soooooooooooo? If you don't like G-d's world which he created you are always welcome to jump off the roof and make your own universe, since you are definitely smarter and more compassionate then G-d. I only have one question.......Where will you find people, since gays and lesbians don't procreate? And if you're gonna tell me that you will manufacture millions of people on day 1 in your great wisdom, Isn't it the whole idea that everyone should come from one person (And his wife) in order not to have class warfare and many other reasons mentioned in the Talmud? (See Jun 6, 2012)

So Alan Dershowitz would say "you idiot! That's why I don't believe in anything! So G-d will say, "you little pisher, what difference does it make?" "What difference does it make what YOU believe? Who do you think you are? I run my world the way I want to, and I kill thousands of people every day (Prematurely) (Just look at the papers) because they deserve it. Some I kill right away, and some I wait many years, and it's none of your business why. For example, G-d would not have killed JFK just for having a teenage girl hiding in his car (And he would not kill Clinton just for oral sex), but having sex with married women is a different story. Same with you princess Diana. You were married.

The Alan Dershowitzs come and go, come and go, but the wheels of the world go round and round, and G-d rules his world with an iron fist. And the next time a NASCAR driver dies in a "mild crash" , and everyone says "how can that be?" Now you know the rest of the story.

And even though we don't have the power to kill today, G-d still does the job one way or another (Sanhedrin 37b). Like if a guy deserves to be stoned to death he will die such a kind of death.

I will never forget like 10 years ago in Lakewood NJ after they finished doing kaporos the truck full of chickens was making a left turn on RT 9 over the hill, and a motorcycle was speeding up the hill, and it was too late....... he got smashed to pieces (Another Kapora). His Nazi helmet was split in two, and there was a swastika on the helmet which split.  Look up police records.