October 21, 2013

The bankruptsy of Ari Mandel and the OTD crowd

So it's all about not hurting one another, huh?  So you can do whatever the hell you want, as long as you don't hurt someone else, huh? You know who used to say this? The Jews of the 1900's, who danced with shiksas on Yom Kippur night, and who told G-d "F you". And you know what happened to them? They all disappeared, and their grandchildren are goyim. 

So let's see...... If there is no G-d then the world just happened all by itself. And If that's the case then everything is just RANDOM. You pop into this world just by random, and you leave this world just by random. And when you leave this world it's over; you disappear. So what did Hitler do wrong? LIFE HAS NO MEANING ANYWAY, AND THE MAIN THING IS 'SURVIVAL OF THE MOST POWERFUL'. So what's wrong with rape and murder? You're just a random puff of air anyway! Who do you have to answer up to anyway? 

So is it any surprise that when Sandy Hook threw G-d out of the classrooms a kid came and killed 26 people? Do you know what 26 is? It's the name of G-d! (See Dec 16, 2012)

And why are the OTD's busy debating moral issues from morning to night. What 'moral issues'? Aren't you supposed to be robbing a bank, kidnapping girls, and carjacking a Yacht to Cancun, since tomorrow you shall all die and disappear?

The answer is that you guys are a bunch of babies and you don't understand where you're coming and where you're going. You're so full of it! You think you're highly intelligent because you  read 'poetry'. HAHAHAHAHAHAH  Try learning a piece of the Talmud deep down.