October 17, 2013

G-d goes to Deli 52 (Again)

So Ari Mandel woke up one morning and decided that G-d doesn't exist. Now what should G-d do? Should he go into hiding? Now wait a minute! Most frum Jews believe in G-d, so why should G-d have to hide just because of Ari Mandel? So Ari says that most 'total' Jews don't believe in G-d. So G-d says that most 'total' people in the world believe in G-d. So Ari says that by Abraham it was only one Abraham against the entire world, so why don't you go after the majority, and say that Abraham brainwashed the world? 

And the answer is that Abraham did not brainwash the world, he opened their eyes. He said "look, look", look all around you. Look at science books, look at You Tube. Look how 10,000 tons of water is held up by the clouds and the clouds don't fall. Look how the sun is exactly a certain distance from the earth, and if it gets a drop closer the earth will cook. Look at You tube and see how baby animals walk immediately at birth, while human beings take a year and a half to walk. Who did that? And who made that only human beings have to wear clothes, while animals get a free pass? How did that happen? So it turns out that G-d is all over the place, and we are held responsible for not seeing him.

So all these people who say "there is no proof of G-d" , they will all rot in hell, like I showed you before (Aug 29, 2013), and there is no excuse of "I was a non- believer", because the proof of G-d is all around you, if you would only look for it. But like I said before, they want G-d out of the way, so they can do whatever they want, like the scientist said "it interfered with our sexual freedom" (See Sep 19, 2012)

Anyone who believes that the world "just happened" (Like Ari Mandel, aka Rachmuna Litzlon) is a first class meshuugena. (See Nov 3, 2011), and as for Deli 52, see Dec 12, 2012.