August 12, 2013


We find in Sanhedrin 107 that King David wanted to have a clean mind, so what did he do? He had sex in the morning so that he shouldn't have to think about sex the whole day. But the Talmud says that this was a big mistake, because the more you do it the worse the lust gets, and he ended up with the whole story of Bat Sheva.

The Talmud says in Bova Metzia 107b that one of the good things that come out of 'morning bread' is that he feels good, and he has sex with his wife (In the morning, under the covers) and when he goes to work he doesn't think about other women. So this is the exact opposite of Sanhedrin 107.

So what do we do here? The answer is simple. Rashi says that the morning bread guy has a dirty mind, and this makes all the difference in the world. We know that King David learned Torah day and night, and he didn't think about women. So when he had sex in the morning he 'pushed' it on himself, and that only made things worse. But if the guy has late night cable, and he anyway has a dirty mind, then of course if he 'let's it out' things will cool down a little. 

That's why when Abaya's wife came around and exposed her arm, Rova ran home to have sex with his wife (Ksubos 65a). The "Tayra Tayra" that Rova learned in the 'freezer' would not have helped him. It's only today's stupid Rosh Yeshivas that don't understand that when the Talmud screams 'Tayra Tayra' (Sukka 52b, Kiddushin 30b, Sota 21a) it's only talking about 'normal' people who get married as young as possible, like Rav Chisda (Kiddushin end of 29), and they have 'bread in their basket'. Yes, after marriage that's when you first need Torah to save you from going down the drain.

So it turns out that if King David would have seen an undressed women beforehand, then having sex in the morning would have been a good thing. The problem was that he pushed it on himself for no good reason.

And today with the Internet, E-mail, Texting, billboards, and workplace atmosphere, do you think you have a clean mind? Clean like a toilet brush!