August 6, 2013

"Image" is the biggest problem in today's frumma society

It's all about image. People don't won't to dirty themselves with their kids problems, and it's also not good for the 'image', so everything gets pushed under the rug. And by the time they wake up, it's too late. Rabbi Chaim Abadi told me the same thing. It's all about 'image'. 

This is one reason why the parents may get furious if the boy takes off his hat. He's ruining the family image. And besides that, most parents have this thing in their head that their kids must live life exactly the way they do, which is total baloney. If a kid can't take the pressure and he takes his hat off it's really too bad on the parents. But the parents won't help him until it's too late. What the kids really need today is someone to talk to, a 'coach'. But I think after Hitler people just don't have the strength or capacity to get involved in their kids problems.  (See Dec 1, 2011)

So the kids get sent away, and the chances of getting a 'coach' to help you out in life is very little. So we grow up as living orphans, controlled by the Satan, with a few mussar shmuuzin which don't really help anything. Today's Yeshivas are producing a bunch of morons, and the proof is that nobody in Lakewood understands what's wrong with the freezer. When they first made the freezer Rabbi Eliyahu Levine said that we should really make a fast day because of this gezayrah.   And now we have a lot of girls rotting away. And rotting girls become z....  (Sanhedrin 76)  (See Jul 19, 2013)