August 13, 2013

From the Yam Shell Shloma Hakdama to Baba Kama

"Besides that the Rambam made the huge mistake of not showing his sources, he also had no business glorifying the Eban Ezra, who was not a Talmudic scholar, and who most of his foundations came from secular science and philosophy, and who argued many times against Chazal, either from not understanding or not knowing. And we don't follow the Eban Ezra on anything, not for issur and not for heter, because he goes many times against Halacha, even against the Mishnah, and against the Talmudic rabbis uncountable..........

"AND THIS GIVES A HAND TO THE MINIM AND TZIDOKIM, AND THE WEAK OF FAITH." Exactly what's going on today, that the bible critics and Apikorsim don't stop quoting the Eban Ezra. 

And the Rambam also caused a lot of Shalom Bayis problems by not giving out his sources, like I showed you in Nov 21, 2011.