July 24, 2013

Rabbi Gordimer! Don't even bother with these YCT bastards

Reb Moshe already fought against these 'reshoim' in Egros Moshe YD3, simin 114 & 115, and I'm sure other places as well. And in 115 Reb Moshe gets furious because they started asking questions (In the forged book of Rabbe Yehuda Hachosid) why did the Torah forbid homosexuality? And even the answer they gave, that people need to procreate, also made Reb Moshe furious. As if, if not for that there would be nothing wrong with being gay. "And even the entire secular world knows that homosexuality is disgusting and an 'Erva'". This was written 37 years ago; Oh! How the world has changed since then.

Actually, the world did not really change much except that the militant gays and hippies are running the country, and they are stuffing this deviant behavior down everybody's throat, including the Arabs (With all the dirty Hollywood movies that the Arabs watch). And it's no secret that this is one of the main reasons why the Arabs hate America (The land of the Satan). 

The problem today is that the Modern Orthodox are doing exactly that, trying to minimize the sin of homosexuality, since the world of Madda and the world of Torah are not seeing eye to eye on this matter.