July 22, 2013

770 Drama

My brother was once in 770 like a year after the Rebbe died. There was a young guy with big hair, going OTD, and he was saying "I put my whole faith in the Rebbe and now 'PUFF", and a group of guys were trying to knock some sense into him, but it wasn't going anywhere. 

Finally, the OTD guy says "ich darf gain pishin", (I gotta take a piss). So the head guy tells him, "you see; every five minutes you gotta take a piss. you're just one little 'pisher', and you thing you have to understand everything on the spot? My brother says the whole place was quite, and the guy had no answer. He was in shock.  Oy! If we only had You Tube!

And for all you Apikorsim on the blogs, you are all "pishers". Why do you always have to understand everything? Why don't you just do what you're supposed to do?