July 28, 2013

Daas Torah vs. Daas talk shows

Daas talk shows says that Obama is destroying America because he's a Communist Muslim. Daas Torah says that G-d sent Obama to destroy America because of the gay marriage contracts. And even though Obama himself may flip flop over the gay issue, it doesn't matter. The fact is that he's destroying America. 

The state of Israel is also about to be destroyed, because they crumbled the foundation of it's existence; the Torah. I also showed you many times that "when there will be no more peace 'even for the yeshiva guys' (Peace from the Satan, like dirty movies, or real peace, like the army draft and no funding) THAT IS WHEN MOSHIACH WILL COME. We have no idea exactly how this will work out, and how Gog and Magog will work out, but one thing I can tell you. The day 'Moshiach' comes, the ballgame is over, (If you know what I mean). After that comes payday. (See Mar 7, 2013)