July 11, 2013

Judaism by definition is irrational

The nuclear explosion that started the Jewish people is called "the sacrifice of Yitzchok". G-d told Abraham to sacrifice Yitzchok on the altar, which makes absolutely no sense. This is the last thing G-d would ever want Abraham to do. But G-d told Abraham, "I want you to do it (anyway)".  Do you know what happened after the sacrifice? Yitzchok got up and got married, and from here started the Jewish people. (Esau broke off from the chain and went his own way) 

This sacrifice was not plain happenstance. It is the essence of the Jewish people. You do G-d's commandments because "I told you to do it"; not because it makes sense to you. From the laws of the red heifer which makes absolutely no sense, to the shaking of the lulav and esrog (What good does this do for the world?) the idea is not to do "whatever makes sense to me", but to do it because "I told you to do it". Many post-modern progressive Jews (especially women) have a hard time understanding this. They think it's all about "my feeeeeelings". This is where king Shaul failed. Some of his feelings got mixed in. "It just can't be- it doesn't make sense".

Of course a person should try to make sense of the Torah as much as possible, but when you hit the limit of your understanding you pull out, and you don't make a big 'ruckus' on the blogs, like the kofrim and apikorsim do. 

Rebbe Elozor said, when the Jews put "we will do" before "we will listen", a heavenly voice said "who revealed this secret to my children, that the heavenly angels use?" (Shabbos 88a). When G-d tells the angels to do something, they don't say "let me first find out if Dovbear says it makes sense or not." They say immediately "we will do".

A certain Tzedoky saw Rova learning, and his finger was under his shoe, and the shoe was grinding and bleeding his finger. But Rova didn't notice due to the heavy learning. Said the Tzedoky, "you reckless people who put your mouth before your ears, you're still reckless (and irrational). First you should have listened to see if you can handle the Torah, and if you can't handle it then you don't accept it." So Rova answered him, "We who follow G-d in simplicity (Like lovers) and we trust that he won't burden us with something we can't handle, of us it is written "the integrity of the upright shall guide them" (Mishlay 11), but for you it is written "the perverseness of the treacherous shall destroy them". (ibid) (Shabbos ibid)

There is nothing more irrational then saying "Naaseh Venishma", where you blindly follow G-d without first finding out if the Torah makes any sense. But the Jew is not rational. The Jew says "I love you, and I'll do whatever you tell me to do (Or at least I'll try). Not like the kofrim on the blogs who make fun of the Torah, that it doesn't make sense.

It is said that one of the reasons why they made the golden calf is because at Mt. Sinai the Jews became too close to G-d (The comfort level was too close), and they wanted to back off a little. (Of course this was a sin). Like a husband and wife, who sometimes get very close at night, and it's too close for the normal comfort level. So the next morning they pick a fight in order to back up to the regular level. Sound familiar?