July 15, 2013

The Modern Orthodox are not a 'light onto the nations'. They are followers

Yael Farzan already talked about her friends in YU, how tolerant they are. They love their LGBT friends. And the other guy already talked about the YU bible intro class, how it is infested with Kfira and Apikursis. And the great Aharon Lichtenstein already said that 'if being gay is a genetic development then we should go easy on them'. In other words the Torah should change from being harsh on them to being easy on them. This is solid "kfira". It means that the Torah is not forever, It's open to change. I talked about all this already. 

Who are you 'leftover MO' fooling? You think you're gonna win us over with your pathetic few pieces of Chazal that you know? Did Chazal want you to go to college where only one week after she moved in to college she was already shtuuping around? I saw with my own eyes the 'Jewish Press' screaming about this. Did Chazal want you to go to college where 600 colleges all across America already adopted the 'transgender' laws, where a guy can get up in the morning and decide that he's really a girl, and he's allowed to use the girls bathrooms and showers? Like Mark Sofla said, "If being Modern Orthodox means living the max like a goy then yes, we do that."  So the goy is a light onto Modern Orthodoxy!

A great rabbi told me that the problem with the MO is that they are missing Yeras Shomayim. And don't tell me that the Charedim also have bums. The Charedim do not have bums besheeta, and throwing esrogim on 'kofrim' does not make you a bum. And don't scream about the rabbis and child molesting. This is not a sheeta, It's a problem, and problems are made to be worked on. And even if it is some kind of bad sheeta this does not give the MO a right to live like a goy. But the MO refuse to budge from the 1950's, where klal yisrael needed Young Israel to save the next generation. But the next generation started learning more and more Torah, and they saw that they were only keeping half of the Torah, like Harry Maryles says, "the MO watch movies without any guilt", so they started moving to the right. 

And today's kids are honest, and they see that we are now living in a toilet bowl, so they move to the right or to the left, but not in the 'glorious' middle. There is no 'glorious' middle. It's a bunch of Alter Kockers making believe that we are still in the 1950's, and we can get away with living like a goy.   (See Aug 15, 2012: Jan 2, Apr 30, 2013)