July 8, 2013

No difference in agenda between WOW and Transgender

It's all one thing. The hippies of the 1970's who lived like pigs and hated authority are now running the country, and they want everybody else to also live like pigs and hate authority. This whole transgender thing has nothing to do with a Meshugenea boy who thinks he's a girl, and it has everything to do with getting rid of separate bathrooms, and separate showers. The night after July 4, I heard the whole story on Red Eye Radio. Not only is California passing a transgender bill, where every 5 year old boy and up can wake up one morning and say "I really think I'm a girl", and then he's allowed to use the girls bathrooms, but these laws were already accepted by 600 colleges all across America.

What this really means is that a girl can be in middle of taking a shower, and a boy walks in. And she says, "what are you doing here?" and he says, "Oh! I didn't tell you? I decided that I'm really a girl", and they both laugh--HE HE HE, HA HA HA, and they take a shower together. This should not be surprising since today's colleges are anyway certified whorehouses with co-ed dormitories. And when I heard that a guy in Teaneck was sending his daughter to college for 60,000 dollars, I couldn't stop laughing. 

I already showed you (Jan 11, 2012) that for cross dressing by itself the Torah would not have called it 'Toayva' if not for the fact that this is done to have promiscuous sex. So what do you do? You give everybody "rights". And a lesbian woman who heads one of these agencies already said that "the rights of LGBT's override religion. What this means is that if the Torah makes fun of LGBT's, they can close down all the yeshivas. Of course, if they were really honest they would also give rights to cockroaches, and it would be illegal to kill a cockroach, but as of now the counterculture hippies are focusing on pushing deviant behaviour down everybody's throat, and the way to do this is to give rights. And of course the main 'right' that they really want is to get rid of separate bathrooms and showers.

Will this lead to many rapes and suicide? Are you kidding? Our college kids are the most wonderful kids in the world, and they all love each other like pigs. How can you even ask such a question? 

The WOW people are the same thing. They are counterculture hippies who turn the Torah upside down whenever they feel like it. No matter that the Torah tells you to cover your knees and elbows and not sing in public, that's nothing. The main thing is that you must follow your "feeeeeeeeeelings", not authority! The hell with people who are trying to serve G-d. They should be 'tolerant', and they should let all the pigs dance between them.

"If you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?" I'll bet that when the WOW people go home they gorge themselves on "Black Pudding".