April 4, 2013

The new "Na'aseh Ve'nishma": First you worship college and Evolution, then you question the Torah

I don't believe in Evolution. First off all, the Torah never told me to believe in Evolution. I have enough hardship in life trying to keep the 613 mitzvos with all it's intricate laws as transmitted by the rabbis all the way from Sinai.  # 2, the more you look at science books and you see the unbelievable intelligence of the world all around you, the more you are a total meshugenah if you believe in Evolution. There is no reason why G-d could not have made his world in 6 days.  # 3, I have showed you already that the Piltdown Man was kept going on and on until they found a better specimen "proof" of Evolution, even though they already knew that the Piltdown Man was full of sh..

And the reason why they did this was of course because they had to keep Evolution 'alive' no matter what, in order to keep G-d out of the picture. So along comes the Modern Orthodox and Dovbear, who are "soaked" in secular culture, and they say that Evolution is a 'fact', and Torah must answer up to Evolution. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. "You shtick dreck". By us it's "first we will do what you tell us to do, and then we will ask questions." By you it's "first we will worship college and see what college has to say, and then we will put the Torah up on a stand and we will question the Torah. " Question after question after question. "who told you? who said? how do you know? Maybe it's not like that?

Can anybody tell me why we need Dovbear if we already had 2,000 years of question after question after question from the Catholic Priests?   2,000 years of "who told you? how do you know? Maybe it's a fake? Who said? Who said? Maybe this? Maybe that? For that we need a Jewish blog? For that we need a Catholic blog!     (Click Nov 3, 2011: Sep 13,19, 20, Oct 15 2012)

P.S. I just saw Dovbear (Apr 5, 13). He's obviously a massive "kofer", IF HE'S JEWISH!!!    Every single word of the Torah was given to Moshe by G-d himself, and Moshe wrote it down!! (Munachos 30a)

P.S.2, In Judaism there is a saying "You don't die from a question". In other words, if you have an answer, fine, and if you don't have an answer, forget about it, life goes on! You just do Na'aseh Ve'nishma and maybe one day you'll understand. The modern Jews don't do that. The whole world must turn upside down because they don't understand something. Like for thousands of years we held that Nesher is an Eagle, so along comes Slifkin and he says "NA NA NA", it can't be an Eagle. "I have a problem with this." So it turns out that all these years everybody was stupid and only Slifkin was smart. The same is with Dovbear and all the Bible critics. They have a 'question', so the whole Torah must be turned upside down. All because they don't understand something. Actually, there is very very much that the MO don't understand.