April 8, 2013

The merit of 'self sacrifice' is only secondary to the merit of learning Torah

And that's what the Talmud says in Boba Basra 10b. Who is this that "the martyrs of the king, nobody can enter into their 'domain' in the next world?" If it's talking about Rabbi Akiva and his friends (The 10 great rabbis who were killed by Rome) only because they were killed they get all this reward? And if they weren't killed they wouldn't get all this reward (for learning Torah)? Of course they would! But what it means is the martyrs of 'Lud' (The 2 brothers). 

Here's another one (The end of the Megella). "And Mordechai was accepted by most of his brothers" (The Sanhedrin). Most but not all. This teaches you that some of the Sanhedrin backed away from Mordechai (Because he stopped learning and went into government, Rashi) (Even though he went down this path only to save the Jews) (Megella end of 16).

Said Rav Yosef, "learning Torah is more important then saving lives, because first Mordechai was mentioned number 5, but after the whole purim story he was mentioned number 6. (Megella ibid)   (See Nov 25, 2012)