April 9, 2013

The Michael Savage style list of 'barbaric' acts

1)   MBP
2)   Gays putting their Penis in that filthy place and killing each other with AIDS.
3)   Oral sex. How can you lick that place? What about all that bacteria? 
4)   Gays doing MBP.

5)   Gays putting 'live' Gerbils in their rear end. They shove a pipe up their rear end and put a Gerbil in the pipe. Then they light a match by the pipe and the Gerbil runs up the pipe and wiggles in the rear, and then they go to the ER to get it out.

6)   How do you cook a Lobster? You take a "live" Lobster and throw it into a pot of boiling water, or you take a "live" Lobster and cut it in half straight down the middle. 

7)   How do you bleed a pig to make "Black Pudding? You take a 'live' pig and you don't kill it; you just make a slit in it's throat, and you let it slowly bleed to death. Do you know what emotional pain this is for the pig?   (Click Jun 14, 2011)

8)   People having sex with their dogs. If you don't believe me just ask your doctor when no one's around.

9)   Giving the baby injections at the doctor. The baby screams terribly, and he gets lifelong psychological damage. 

10)   And the most barbaric of all.....gay marriage. The western man has become a selfish pig, where all they want to do all day is 'have some fun', and not having to bother with raising kids. With 1.5 kids per family there is not enough kids to mow your lawn! So who mows your lawn? The Mexicans and minorities! I don't feel bad if they rape the white man to support the Mexicans.

"All I want to do is have some fun. I got a feeling I'm not the only one. All I want to do is have some fun, until I drop dead from AIDS, drugs, and suicide."