April 23, 2013

If Obama is Gog (Part 2)

Obama is not so stupid, and Hillary is not so stupid, but the IDF is very stupid. Obama, and many other people believe that Israel is the main cause of everyone's problems, and if we can only get rid of Israel for once and for all the world would be a better place. So the plan is to first surround Israel with barking wolves (Muslim Brotherhood), and when the time comes to march against Jerusalem things will go a lot easier. "I will gather all the Nations against Jerusalem", (And then I will beat the sh.. out of them) (In the war of Gog and Magog)

But the Modern Orthodox just don't get it. They think Israel is protected by the IDF cutie girls. NOOOOOO! It's not Torah. NOOOOOOO! It's the cutie girls, that the second a big war starts they'll all make in their pants. King Harry (Apr 18, 2013) actually uses a picture of 3 IDF soldiers, who feature in all the IDF girlie videos.   (Click Mar 20, 2011)