March 24, 2013

Czarist Russia finally vindicated after all these years

So it turns out that shlepping yeshiva boys to the army is a big Mitzva after all. It's called "sharing the burden". We can now repeat the horrors of "sharing the burden" where the rich and powerful Jews would kidnap orphans and send them to the army instead of their own sons. So their sons can be part of the 1800 'elite' lucky boys. 

According to the Modern Orthodox this is beautiful. Unlike the horrible generation of Chizkiya (Sanhedrin 94) where everybody sat and learned all day, and every boy and girl knew how to learn, this generation is beautiful. Only 1800 learning Torah, and the rest will conquer the world. The main reason why Aaron Rakeffet left Lakewood and went to YU is because in Lakewood the Kanoim ripped up his NY Times. This in fact is the essence of YU: the Torah in one hand, and the NY Times in the other. 

So now when the NY Times embraces feminism and homosexuality they don't know what to do. It's this hand against the other hand. So along comes this moron Aharon Lichtenstein (Click Jan 2, 2013) and he says, yeah, well, maybe homosexuality is a genetic development after all. You idiot! Why don't you say that cheating on your spouse is a genetic development! There are 100 times more people cheating on their spouse then being gay.

But that's how it is. It's the G-d of the Torah in one hand, and the god of the modern world in the other. And if the army is a destructive atmosphere for a nice Jewish boy so be it. We MO all grew up watching dirty movies and playing with our "fiddles", and still we came out fine (HAHA) so you should also go out into the world. Who needs all this Torah? Who needs 18-21 year olds learning Torah? (See Mar 10, 13)

Obama did not go to Israel for nothing. We are now about to enter the stage called "Chevlay Moshiach" "the birth pangs of Moshiach", where everyone will gang up against the yeshiva guys (See Mar 7,13). I have told you already (Mar 24, 2011) that after Persia falls to Rome the wicked Rome will rule over the entire world for 9 months, (The pain of pregnancy), and then Moshiach will come. 'Chevlay Moshiach' and 'Gog and Magog' are 2 separate hardships, and if you want to get saved from them eat "Shalosh Seudos". And who is this wicked Rome? Obama, Putin, and Netanyahu!