February 4, 2013

The cloudy days of darkness have no right to disprove the bright days of G-d's revelation

In other words, nobody ever said that G-d must always reveal his presence to you. Or more accurately, G-d runs his world regardless of whether you understand what he's doing or not. So sometimes you may see him clearly, like when a bad guy gets hit by a tractor trailer on the spot. Or you may not see him clearly, like when he lets the bad guy hang around for 20 years. (And he has his reasons)

But this can never disprove his existence, (Which we see clearly many times) because nobody ever said that he's obligated to reveal himself to us every five minutes. But if you're sensitive enough, and you can sit and observe, you will see G-d many times. You will see things happening, to you, and around you.

Like the time I was inside the kitchen of a kosher wedding hall, and the cold guy (The guy who makes the cold dishes, chopped liver, salads, fish, cake) took a big carrot, and carved the end to look like 'you know what', and he put 2 oranges underneath and hung it up. And everybody was laughing and laughing, until I took a big knife, and gave the carrot a whack. 

Sure enough, it didn't take long, and the stupid waitress was pushing (Instead of pulling) a whole cart full of cold dishes to the Shmorge. And the cartwheels caught on something, and the whole cart went flying. So the cold guy had to start all over again.

So you may ask, what about the guys urinating in the pickle barrel 30 years ago (The photographer told my friend to stay away from the pickles). Why did they get away with it? And the answer is, how do you know they got away with it? Don't mix into G-d's business. Let him do his job. We have no idea what happened at the end. Maybe they got electrocuted while walking the dog, and the dog took a leak and hit some wires, like what happened to the lady in Manhattan. 

The bottom line is that we see from the 'clear' days that G-d runs the world with needlepoint precision, and you should not lose hope when the dark days come around.

So if San Francisco looses the Superbowl, you should say "thank G-d", because they were the first to make gay marriage. So you ask, "what would you say if they would have won? And the answer is..... I would say "it's a decree of the king" (For whatever reason). Just like Yoma 10a, "it's a decree of the king that Persia should fall to Rome."  (Click Mar 24, 11)