January 31, 2013

No frumkite by the temple

By the first temple (Where you had the Aron) the sticks of the Aron went all the way to the curtain (Which separated the Holy and Holy of Holies) (A miracle), and they poked into the curtain, and it looked like the breasts of a woman. (Munachos 98b, Yoma 54a). And this showed the love of G-d and the Jews (Tosfos Munachos, and Yoma 54) (See Artscroll commentary on Shir Hashirim 1, 13). So every time you went into the Holy you saw this love. 

And then you have the Cruvim, which means children (Sukka 5b). Supposedly, one was a boy and one was a girl. Now you had at least 3 sets of Cruvim. One was Moshe's Cruvim, one was Shlomo's Cruvim, and one was engraved in the walls. Moshe's Cruvim was made from one solid block of gold together with the cover of the Aron. Shlomo's Cruvim was made from olive wood covered with gold. The psukim of Moshe's Cruvim and Shlomo's Cruvim are used interchangeably in Buba Basra 99a, because Shlomo's Cruvim was supposed to be an exact copy of Moshe's Cruvim (Rashi) but not in size.

Shlomo's Cruvim were humongous. They filled up the 20 amos of the Holy of Holies, and they were 10 Amos high (15-20 feet). The Talmud (Buba Basra 99a) goes into a whole thing what position the Cruvim were standing. Only according to 1 sheeta did the Cruvim's faces turn, depending on G-d's love for the Jews. They started off on day 1  facing each other like the love of a man and a woman (Rashi). According to the other sheeta that by day 1 they were facing away from each other, he couldn't say that there was anger at day 1; it makes no sense! (Rashi, Tosfos). And even according to the other sheeta it says in the posuk "they faced each other" not "they hugged each other".

However, the Talmud in Yoma 54a says, "says Rav Katina, when the Jews used to go up to be 'Oleh Regel'  they would roll up the curtain (By the Holy of Holies) and show everyone how the Cruvim were hugging each other, and they would say "see that your love to G-d is like the love of a man and a woman". And the Talmud continues..... when was this? Was this the first temple, was there a curtain? And if the second temple, was there Cruvim?

So the Talmud answers that you could say it was the first temple, and even in the first temple there was some kind of curtain (We just said the sticks were poking in the curtain, and the second temple had no Aron). Rav Acha Bar Yakov said, "really it was the second temple, but what do you ask "there was no Cruvim" they still had the (wallpaper) engraved Cruvim on the walls of the Holy of Holies, and that's what they showed the Jews. And these Cruvim were made from day 1 like a man hugging his wife (Ibid, 54a/b). 

Nowhere does it say that the wallpaper Cruvim moved back and forth, and even Shlomo's Cruvim (And Moshe's) only jumped back and forth according to 1 sheeta. And even this sheeta does not say that they hugged each other. So you must say that if rolling back the curtain was in the first temple, then it was a special Yom Tov miracle that they hugged each other. And you certainly have to say this according to sheeta # 2, who never said that they moved at all.

Now let's continue with 54b; "said Raish Lokish, when the gentiles went into the Holies (By the destruction of the temple) they saw the (Wallpaper) Cruvim hugging each other, (The Aron was already hidden at this time, or this was the second temple). So they peeled off the wallpaper engravings, and they paraded it in the street saying "look what the Jews are busy with!" HAHAHAHAHA

There is a famous question, "what in the world were the Cruvim doing hugging each other at the time of the destruction of the temple?"  And the answer is that nobody ever said they moved around. They were hugging each other from day 1. So you might ask, If that's the case why did they roll up the curtain on Yom Tov, what's the big deal? Well, it's still nice to see the Cruvim hugging each other in the Holy of Holies. And don't tell me it was an exact copy of  Moshe's Cruvim (And they should have moved around). Was Moshe's Cruvim also like a man hugging his wife, from day 1? Or was it face to face?