February 6, 2013

Bar Shayshuch goes to the IDF

Hello: my name is Bar Shayshuch. My friend Rova came to visit me (For whatever reason), and I was sitting up to my neck in a rose bath, surrounded by naked Chayalot all around me. So I asked Rova "do you guys have anything as good as this in the next world?" So Rova said, "our (heaven) is even better then this." So I asked him, "is it possible to have anything better then this?" So he said, "you have to worry about the king (government), while we don't have to worry about the king." So I said, "what worry do I have with the government?" And sure enough, while we were talking, a government official came to draft me to the king. (Avoda Zara 65a)

I don't know; it's not fair. Why should I go to the army and maybe lose hands and feet, while the yeshiva boys sit and learn, and the only thing they do is give blood? Why don't they lose hands and feet, while I sit in the rose bath and teach the naked Chayalot how to enjoy life? Why should my mother cry if I die, while their mother will never cry? it's not fair! Why don't they kill a charedi every time an IDF soldier gets killed, so the crying would be equal? (See Nov 25, 26, 2012)