February 13, 2013

Reb Moshe on WOW

Egros Moshe, Orach Chaim 4, Chap 49, P 80: "First of all, you must understand that it's from the foundations of Judaism that the entire Torah (Both the oral and the written Torah) was given to us directly by G-d at Mt. Sinai through Moshe Rabbainu, and it's impossible to change even one dot, not to the right, and not to the left. The only thing is that the rabbis were commanded to make "fences and safeguards" whenever needed. But now that we are spread out throughout the lands, we don't have the power to do this anymore. The only thing we can do is that the local rabbis can make Takanos only for their area, and only for a short time.

"So now that the Torah exempted women from time bound mitzvos, this is straight from the Torah (From G-d). (This is me) And even though the Talmud asks "how do we know this?" (Kiddushin 34) this doesn't mean that until now we didn't know this (That women are exempt from TB mitzvos). We always knew this straight from Sinai. But what it means is, "how do we extract this law from the written Torah, since the entire oral Torah is secretly encoded in the written Torah. (See Sep 8, 2011)

Now let's get back to Reb Moshe. "G-d said women are exempt from TB mitzvos, and the rabbis never saw a need to change this law. On the contrary, the rabbis exempted the women for the same hidden reasons that the Torah did. And besides the fact that we are obligated to blindly believe that G-d knows exactly what he's doing: besides that, it's also common sense that women were made to raise the kids, which is an extremely important job for G-d and the Torah. And G-d did not want to tie them down with learning Torah, and TB mitzvos. (See May 30, 2012)

"And even if you want to say that times have changed, it doesn't matter. The Torah does not change; even 'derabonon'. And it will not help to make a war, because even if the whole world is on your side it doesn't make a difference. And the women who want to fight and make changes, they are considered "kofrim" of the Torah. 

Like the Rambam says; 3 people are called "kofrim". #1, if you say even on one word of the Torah, that Moshe said it by himself (It didn't come from G-d). #2, if you don't believe in the oral Torah (That it came from Sinai). And #3, if you say that something in the Torah has changed. All these 3 will not have a share in the world to come. (ATT MO gays!!) (See Jan 2, 2013). And even if you say that G-d himself made the change, it doesn't matter, because you're basically saying that the Torah is not forever. 

"Even though it is permitted for women to do time bound mitzvos, and she even gets rewarded for it, and according to Tosfos she can even make a blessing, like we see by shofer and lulav, still, this is only if she has a genuine craving to serve G-d, but over here the real agenda is to rebel against G-d and his Torah. So it's not a mitzva at all, but an avayra of "kfira", since they want to make changes to the Torah. 

And then he goes on how the women are absolutely just as holy as the men, and they should never think otherwise. But seriously, WHEN THE REFORM APIKORSIM ARE CARRYING YOUR BANNER, WE KNOW WHICH CAMP YOU'RE COMING FROM. WE'RE NOT STUPID!