February 28, 2013

No mercy for the gays

It's mainly the wild sex (Including men and animals) (And also stealing) that brought the flood to the world (Genesis 6 till 7). (See Jun 28, 2011) And that's why G-d flooded the earth with thick hot water, because the people flooded the earth with thick hot semen (Sanhedrin 108b). Hay! why are we attacking the gays? Maybe they were born like that? 

Why did the angels blind the Sodomites when they demanded to have gay sex with Lot's guests (The angels) (Genesis 19). Maybe the Sodomites were born gay? 

And why is Potifar called Potifera? Because he castrated himself in order to have sex with Yosef (He lusted after Yosef, who was beautiful) (Rashi, Genesis 41, 45, Sota 13b). Hay! why are we embarrassing Potifar? Maybe he was born gay?

And why do we make fun of Billam; that he had sex with his donkey (Avoda Zara 4b). Maybe he was just born that way?

Why does the Torah say not to do what ancient Egypt or the Canaanites did (Vayikra 18, 3). What did ancient Egypt do? The men married men, and the women married women (Rambam). (See Jun 28, 2011) What's the problem? Maybe they were born gay?

And why did Nevuchadnetzar's penis stretch 600 feet, after he tried to have sex with king Tzidkiyahu (The end of Shabbos 149). Why did G-d embarrass him? maybe he suffered from homosexuality? 

I already told you that the Torah does not give a damn if you have gay thoughts, as long as you fight it, and you keep your hands to yourself. On the contrary, if no one had any gay thoughts, why would G-d have to talk about it at all?

Yosef did not have a sex outlet at all. He did not have "bread in the basket" (A wife). He was a 17 year old Charedi boy with nothing, and yet he was expected to push through this extremely difficult ordeal. But at the end of the day he did it (knowing full well that he'll end up in prison), and everyone gets judged relative to him. "If he could do it why can't you do it" (Yoma 35b). Why are you coming here with this "ones" crap? Was there any greater "ones" then Yosef, who was locked up in Egypt (The filthiest land of all (Rashi, Vayikra 18, 3)?   (The 42 st. of the world)

Contrary to what you might think, Yosef did not sail through his ordeal like a white swan on the misty lake. It was very very difficult (A full year), and he did not come out unscathed. You don't lose 10 kids just because of kerry (Yes, I'm arguing on the Marsha. According to the Marsha's reasoning he would also never have come in to have sex with potifar's wife(Sota 36b), but he passed the main test, and that was the most important thing of all.    (See Jan 2, 7, 2013: Sep 3, 2012)

P.S. This is from a comment by 'Alex' (Jan 12, 12) (Another blog)
"Halachic Judaism is not at all in sync with the post-sexual revolution of the 1960's that pop-culture does it's best to embrace. As such, every single Jew is struggling to lead a halachic sexual lifestyle while confronted with a society that is constantly revving up our sexual appetites. We're all-even us married folks- are struggling to keep our sexuality in check. I'm sick and tired of people making the claim that homosexuals are the first people to have to deal with the challenge of harnessing their sexuality."

P.S.2. According to the Torah (Deoraysa) you're not allowed to have sexual thoughts at all, which cause emissions by night (Except if you're with your wife) (Avoda Zara 20b). This is the exact opposite of today's secular society, which pushes sex down our throat's 24/7. How dare the Modern Orthodox attack the Charedim for trying to isolate themselves from secular society! I stand by my words. J.B. worshiped 2 Gods.   (See Aug 6, 2012)