January 4, 2013

King Harry is a certified moron!

How many times does it say in the Torah that "you should get rid of them so that you shouldn't learn from their evil ways", like in Devorim 20. G-d does not want you to have an "open mind" for every piece of dirt out there, like Theodor Herzl, who know absolutely nothing about Judaism, and who wanted to make the state of Israel in Uganda. If you glorify him then your kids learn from his evil ways, you moron! No wonder they went OTD! see article (See Feb 4, and Dec 29, 2011)

I feel bad when I see the J-blogs (and commentators) all infested with fat Amirotzim and Apikorsim, and they make fun of the rabbis and the Torah as if this world is a 'free for all.' Well, guess what! Mike Harris is here to stay, and now Al- Jazeera is here to stay, and soon the Ref- Cons will start feeling what it was like in Europe 1939, and no one will have any time for the fat ladies of WOW.