January 2, 2013

Rabbi Dr. Aharon Lichtenstein confirms everything I said about modern Orthodoxy

At the end of the article (Failed Messiah, Jan 1) he says "you might assume they (the gays) are not to be held fully responsible if it's a genetic development"....... First of all, don't you know that since the time of the flood we had gays and lesbians? (Click June 28, 11) So what do you mean "genetic development"? 

# 2, what about cheating? There are many more people cheating then there are gays. Is this also maybe a genetic development? # 3, shouldn't G-d come down and tell us that he's making changes to the Torah because of genetic development? 

And this one is for king harry and Slifkin. Gays and lesbians don't have any kids, so if the movement gets bigger and bigger because of genetic development how come in 100 million years of evolution we did not have not one big gay development, which would have wiped out the human race for once and for all?   "Check mate!"

And you know what? If you're an Atheist and you believe that the world is just a random happening, why didn't the human race self destruct millions of years ago from gays and lesbians and birth control? If G-d didn't tell you to procreate why would you? 

So how in fact did the human race survive? because after the flood the sons of Noah accepted upon themselves not to make gay marriage contracts, like I showed you in (June 28, 11), so they kept it (Male partners) 'under the radar' and they did regular procreation. But now that the gay lobby is kicking G-d straight in the face you can expect another 10 "Sandy's" before G-d is finished with us. And you can expect Mexico (And other minorities) to take over America, since 1.5 kids per family will not get us anywhere. 

At least we should have done what the generation of the flood did; They had a baby wife who had many babies, and a 'party' wife who had no babies. The baby wife lived the life of a widow. (See June 28, 11) 

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