November 22, 2012

Shame on Israel!

"But G-d saved me when they tried to assassinate me". Khaled Meshaal to ABC reporter. 

ABC reporter; "king Hussein saved you."

Khaled Meshaal; "Alla saved me, then king Hussein."

Shame on Israel! Why does Khaled Meshaal understand the Torah that everything is really G-d, and king Hussein is only a messenger from G-d, while the Israeli government will not even mention the name of G-d?

Sooner or later the world opinion will shift against Israel, and Israel will have to cry to G-d for help, because nobody else will help Israel. (See previous post)

The state of Israel was founded to be "like all the nations". No more "golus Jew". "Yeah yeah", no more "golus Jew". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.