November 20, 2012

Nothing new

Click July 5, 2012.

There is no question that in order for Gog (Maybe Obama) to gather all the nations against Israel he must first turn around public opinion, as you can see that the whole world today runs on public opinion. All Obama has to do now is go against Israel and the public opinion polls will start shifting 180 degrees. Nobody gives a damn about Israel. They just want their i-pads and their porn. But they don't realize that the end is very near. 

We don't know exactly how this will turn out (Who will come first) the coming of Moshiach, the first part of Gog and Magog, or the second or third part. But one thing is for sure; the wheels are turning, and payday is coming. They will pay for everything they did to the Jews the past 2500 years. According to the prophets, so many people will march against Jerusalem that it will look like a huge cloud. Well, "good luck". And good luck to the lands of Esau; your brother is coming. (Avoda Zara, end of 25; Rashi, Genesis 33, 14)  (Click Mar 20 and 24, 2011)