September 3, 2012

What's wrong with coming out of the closet?

Nedarim 20a; " A person should not accustom himself with making vows, because at the end of the day he will fall...... And don't talk too much with another woman, because at the end of the day it will lead to sex (Attn, Modern Orthodox!). Rebbe Acha Berebi Yoshia says, "whoever stares at women will end up having forbidden sex, and whoever stares at "that place" will have bad kids. Says Rav Yosef "even your own wife needa". (It looks like your own wife not a needa is a machlokis between Rambam and Raayved. See Feb 12, 12)

"So that the fear of G-d should be on your faces" (Shemos 20, 17). That means 'Busha' (Embarrassment) "so that you shall not sin." This teaches us that Busha brings to fear of sin. From here we see that it's a good sign if a guy is easily embarrassed. Others say that any person who is sensitive to shame will not sin so fast, and if you see someone who has no shame, you know that his parents were not at Mt. Sinai. (He's really not Jewish). Because this is why G-d spoke to us personally at Mt. Sinai; to give us fear and shame (Nedarim 20a, and Ran). And I just showed you (Aug 31) that our souls were all at Mt. Sinai. 

So there is no question that if there is no shame, you sin ten times as much. And if every teenager said out what he was thinking all the yeshivos would be whorehouses. And don't give me this crap that you have to be honest. If you were really honest you wouldn't lock yourself up in the bathroom like that; you would go to the nearest fire hydrant! 

And now let us start with the closet. There are 3 types of gays; born gays, non practicing gays, and practicing gays. Born gays is a myth invented by the gay lobby to excuse their behavior. G-d would never make an official gay person if he wanted people to procreate, like it says in the Torah. Non practicing gays are people who have gay lusts, but don't do anything about it, because G-d said NO. And practicing gays are people who officially do anal penetration. 

You will not find anywhere in the Torah a classified group of people called 'non practicing gays', because this is what normal people are all about. They have to fight their desires whatever it may be. All the forbidden sex is grouped together as one packet in Vayikra 18, like I showed you in May 10, 12. So the Torah does not care what kind of lust you have (Whatever they throw at you from heaven) as long as you fight it, or at least you try to fight it.

And even if you fall here and there, and you do anal penetration, as long as you keep fighting and you promise never to do it again (even if you fall again), the Torah will not talk about you. As long as you're fighting you're not rebelling against G-d.

But once you say "I had enough of this. I'm coming out of the closet", that's a rebellion against G-d. From here on it's no shame. It's all about pride. You hang out with gays; you start living with gays; and there is no way there won't be anal penetration. Gays are not known for practicing and having self control. They shtupp AIDS into each other all day long. 

When it comes to 'officially gay people' the Torah has plenty to say. It's always connected to an evil crowd. Like the flood (Where the people married gays and animals), (Click June 28, 11) or Sodom ("Let us screw your guests"), or Egypt (Where the men married men, and the women married women) or Cennan (Where they did all the forbidden sex in chapter 18) or Nevuchadnetzar (Who had sex with anyone he wanted). He had sex with all the kings of the world (That's how powerful he was). And when the day came to have sex with 'Tzidkiyahu' (The Jewish king; who was a very big tzadik) a miracle happened, and his penis stretched 600 feet around and around the entire party. (The end of Shabbos 149) 

I see a blog (frumgaymarried) where the guy says that he never did anything with another man, but he felt so guilty for having gay thoughts that he eventually came out of the closet, destroyed his good marriage, destroyed his family, and destroyed himself. Something here doesn't make sense. If you listen to G-d and you hold yourself back from sin, you're not supposed to develop severe depression. It may be back and forth, like I showed you in Oct 24. There must be a lot he's not telling us. Doesn't he know that this generation is a crazy sexed up generation? I wouldn't want to comment until I talk to his therapist. 

But one thing is for sure. The Satan is laughing all the way to the bank. Here is another kid that got destroyed for no good reason. All because of guilt. Just guilt. I said before (Apr 25) that the chariot of the Satan is "guilt". The guy did not need a blog to help him out, and he did not need to tell his wife anything. All he needed was a guy to talk to, that the guy should knock down his guilt. 

And there are hundreds of boys and girls out there, who need someone to talk to, to knock down their guilt. And as long as we don't have extra time and extra love for these kids, the Satan will laugh his head off all the way to the bank. (Click May 22, 12)  

And of course if your mother hounded you day and night for being too fat, or for not going to the mikva, then you are one shtick guilt even before puberty.