September 7, 2012

Hey Judy Brown 'hush': I saw your grandfather in the zoo the other day

That's right! He was in the zoo eating bananas and throwing feces at people. I told him that he should be ashamed of himself. I said, "don't you know that your granddaughter Judy Brown is a world renowned scientist? Don't you know that all because of her everyone stopped wearing sunglasses? (There is no need for sunglasses anymore because the sun is only a star). A million people in China lost their jobs all because of Judy Brown. 

And then Slifkin started talking to him. And he told him not to throw feces with his left hand, because Dov Linzer said that she says "Harey At" and puts the ring on his left hand. And then Slifkin asked him if they did MBP 35 million years ago? And he answered that he doesn't remember exactly, but he once overheard his great grandfather say that his great great great grandfather once tried to do MBP, and the whole penis ripped out because his lips were too big.

If science would be a little more honest instead of being fakers, and they would talk about the Noah's Ark expeditions they did on Mt. Ararat, then Judy Brown would have had to find a different excuse to go OTD.   (Click Aug 24,31, Nov 3)

As early as the 1950's the French already made expeditions to Mt. Ararat to see the Ark, and National Geographic did the same thing. So how come you never hear about it? You know why? So that Judy Brown should go OTD! That's exactly why. Go to Amazon, and start reading books about Noah's Ark to the kids. Let's see if the government will pay for this.