August 31, 2012

Ari Margolies! You have no right to pick and choose a religion

Ari Margolies! Don't let the Satan scare you! If you were born Jewish then you're snug and solid. There is no need to run around and find a religion. Just calm down and relax. G-d gave the Torah personally to the Jews at Mt. Sinai, and even if me and you were not there, our souls were there (Shavuous 39a) (And even the converts, their Mazel was there). And I also showed you before that it's impossible for 3 million people to transmit the same exact lie to their children, without the children smelling foul play. (Click Sep 22)

If the Satan tries to scare you with bad thoughts, like maybe there really is no G-d, you should do what I do. Just look around and tell me who made the world. Just one blade of grass is more complicated than an F-16. How do I know? Because science can make an F-16, but science cannot make a single blade of grass. NO! NO! I mean from scratch! Science cannot make a blade of grass without a seed, even in an F-16 factory.

The Reform world would like you to think that every Jew has an option of believing or not believing. You know; it depends on what kind of mood you wake up. This is baloney. We were all at Mt. Sinai, and we know deep down that G-d gave us the Torah personally. When we come to the next world there is no excuse of "I didn't believe" (Sep 14, 22) 

EVERY HUMAN BEING WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR NOT USING HIS LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE TO SEE G-D. And if you don't believe in G-d because of the Holocaust, then I have news for you. If there is no G-d, then Hitler did nothing wrong. (Click Sep 25)

Let's not kid ourselves Ari Margolies; it really has nothing to do with G-d. It has to do with forbidden sex, shrimp, and snails. 

I see from your article that your father let you be mechalel Shabbos in order to put on Tfillin. This is a big No-No. Is your whole Judaism just Tfillin? No wonder you're having problems. You guys must start learning something.