September 14, 2012

A woman is a skin pitcher full of feces, and her mouth (derriere) is full of blood, and everyone runs after her (Shabbos 152a)

Said Rav Kahana; what does it mean "he spoke and it happened, he commanded and it stood?" (Psalms 33).  "He spoke and it happened", that is the woman. "He commanded and it stood", that is the kids. (Shabbos ibid) 

Explanation!; it is completely against nature to run after "that place", which is full of blood and stink. But G-d made a spacial lust for this, because he felt like it. ACCORDING TO EVOLUTION NOBODY WOULD HAVE EVER HAD SEX (AND KIDS), BECAUSE IT IS AGAINST NATURE TO BE ATTRACTED TO STINKY AND UGLY PLACES. So according to 'natural materialistic science' Evolution should never have gotten off it's feet to begin with.

But G-d had his reasons. One reason I can think of is that you need an ugly place to create privacy and intimacy. If you go to Wall Mart or Great adventures 3/4 naked, what do you have left to show your spouse when you come home?

Another reason is that if you think where you came from (from stink) it makes you humble. (Avos p3, m1)